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Below are books that were read in preparation for the story of SNAFU, and serve as great resources for all those who want to learn more about the 8th Air Force in World War II. 

Masters of the Air 

By Donald L. Miller

This book is one of the greatest books ever written about the air war fought in the skies over Europe in World War II. This book has been like a Bible for me as I've been writing SNAFU and it's a book I read at least once a year. -Aaron (Creator of SNAFU)
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Big Week

By James Holland

This was another book that I read a lot during the last year. Even though "Big Week" occurred the week before the Podcast starts, the aftermath of this great battle is what leads to the crew of SNAFU being sent in to replace the crew's lost.- Aaron (Creator of SNAFU)
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The Man Who Flew the Memphis Belle

By Robert Morgan and Ron Powers

While the movie Memphis Belle isn't a historical reenactment of the famous B-17'S final mission, this book gives a detailed account of the Memphis Belle's final mission, as well as her previous 24 missions. Robert Morgan, the pilot and chief of the Memphis Belle tells his story about his journey as he went from living in North Carolina to flying 25 bombing missions over Germany, and finally leading the first bombing raids over Tokyo. This is a book that really speaks to the mental state that many of the men in the 8th had. It's a must-read.- S. Aaron (Creator of SNAFU) 
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Deadly Sky

by John C. McManus

This book is just incredible! Outside of Masters of the Air, this may be one of my favorite books on the 8th Air Force. It's a gut punch from beginning to end. This is a book you want to have if you want to know more about the 8th Air Force. -S. Aaron (Creator of SNAFU)
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Below are links to some of the greatest documentaries on the subject of the 8th Air Force and/or the B-17 Flying Fortress. 

For More Documentaries that you can find for free on YouTube, please scroll to the bottom. 

WWII in HD: The Air War

This documentary was what originally motivated me to write what would become SNAFU. This is the single greatest documentary on the Air War I've ever watched. I highly recommend it! -S.Aaron (Creator of SNAFU)
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The Cold Blue

The Cold Blue is the second greatest documentary on the 8th Air Force I've ever seen. No explanation needed, you need to watch it! -S.Aaron (Creator of SNAFU)
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Below are movies on the 8th Air Force or of the B-17.  Note, movies that you can find for free are down below in the YouTube Section. 

The Memphis Belle (1990)

This is the movie that made me become obsessed with the 8th Air Force as a kid and as an adult. This movie, while not accurate to the real story of the Memphis Belle, it does give some sense to the hell that bomber boys in the 8th had to endure in World War II. Click Here to Buy or Rent on Apple TV

Free Videos On YouTube

These videos are available for free on YouTube. These include movies, TV shows, documentaries, and interviews with 8th Air Force Veterans. 

Twelve O'Clock High (1949)


This is the single greatest movie surrounding the air war/Eight Air Force in World War II. The original story was written by an actual veteran of The Air War. Gregory Peck stars in this great movie and even though it was made in 1949, this movie has scenes that were WAY ahead of its time. I HIGHLY recommend this movie! -S.Aaron (Creator of SNAFU).
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12 O'Clock High (1963-1966)

TV Show

This is the TV show based on the famous movie Twelve O'Clock High. The accuracy is unbelievable and the storyline is incredible. This show has become the single greatest influence on the creation of SNAFU. The entire 3rd Season is in color and the entire show is FREE. -S. Aaron (Creator of SNAFU)

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Memphis Belle (1944)


This is the original documentary that William Wyler did in 1943  on the plane known a the Memphis Belle. What makes this amazing is that the footage was filmed while Wyler and his crew flew actual combat missions with the men of the 91st Bombardment Group in May 1943. The shots are amazing and the narration is fantastic! Well worth your time! -S. Aaron (Creator of SNAFU)

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Memphis Belle: Her Final Mission (2018)


This documentary follows the story of the Memphis Belle from their first mission to their last. Also, throughout the documentary, they show you the restoration work that was being done at the time of this documentary. Its extremely well done and one of the best documentaries on the Memphis Belle since Wylers origional documentary. -S. Aaron (Creator of SNAFU)

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Battle Stations: B-17 Flying Fortress (2004)


This documentary walks you through the history of the B-17 and the great purpose it served in World War II. Very good documentary! Also after the documentary is a bonus interview with a Veteran. Very well-done! -S. Aaron (Creator of SNAFU) 

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Target for Today (1944)

Documentary/USAAF Recruitment Film 

The USAAF in 1943 needed to make a film to get more people to join the Army Air Corps, and so this film was made. It's a very detailed and very thorough walkthrough of the average day flying a bombing mission. This documentary has been a huge help in keeping SNAFU as accurate to something like this as possible. What I like most about this film is that the men in this documentary are not actors, these are real Airmen. Very telling and very interesting! - S. Aaron (Creator of SNAFU)

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Combat America (1943)

Documentary/ USAAF Recruitment Film

This documentary is very interesting because it was made, stars, and is narrated by Clark Gable. Clark Gable served in the USAAF and the 8th Air Force during World War II and made a film about what was going on in the skies over Europe. Very well done for its time and this has been a great resource for me. -S. Aaron (Creator of SNAFU)

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WINGS: The Bloody 100th (1997) 


This was a History Channel Documentary special on the 100th Bombardment Group in World War II which had the highest loss rate of any Bomb Group in World War II. This is a very well-done documentary and I highly recommend it.
-S. Aaron (Creator of SNAFU)

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Step Inside a Real B-17 Flying Fortress (Without the Tail Gunners Section) (With the Tail Gunners Section)
*This is also an older F-Model, so the nose compartment looks a tad bit different than the one flown by the crew in SNAFU (G-Model) 

Also, keep in mind that these planes are decommissioned. So there are civilian modifications such as padded seats on the floor of the radio room and waist compartments that were not there during wartime. The only people who had a seat were obviously the pilots, navigator, and bombardier, and radio operator. 

By Clicking on one of the two links above, you'll have the opportunity to walk inside a real B-17, like the one described in SNAFU.