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What People Are Saying!

Load Of Bull


This podcast puts you inside of a B-17 with a 10-men crew as they battle in the skies in WWII. This Podcast is one of the best ways to give you the perspective of what airmen felt and went through! -Annoyingmedic48
 (Apple Podcast Review)

Great Blend of History and Story-telling!


If you are like me and love WW2 aviation and history, then this podcast is for you! With historical accuracy and the story-telling of the crew of "Load of Bull", a B-17 flying harrowing raids deep inside Nazi-fortified Germany, it really puts you inside the plane! Great story-telling! 5 out of 5 stars! Can't recommend enough! -The Holtimatum (Apple Podcast Review)

Give It a Chance!


No big production crap here, this is personal, raw and good story telling! 5 out of 5 stars so far! -A Fellow Pilgrim (Apple Podcast Reviews)

So Far So Good


Production and Narration is fantastic! -Sleepingmom94 (Apple Podcast Review)

Great Story for all WW2 Aviation Fans!


I can not get enough of this podcast! This could have been a novel! It will out what the bomber crews went through in World War II in perspective! 5 out of 5 stars! -Murder, Inc (Apple Podcast Review)



SNAFU is a podcast many people are tragically sleeping on! This needs to blow up ASAP! I'm not a history person, so to find out that this is based off real people and real events makes it even more gutting! -BlueJeans4Life (Chromecast Review)

This Podcast Will Be A TV Show One Day!


I look forward to each Friday when a new episode of SNAFU comes out! I don't know what I'm going to do during the off-season! -FrankPMurph (Amazon Music Review)

Contact HBO/Netflix/Hulu ASAP!


BIG fan of Band of Brothers, and Saving Private Ryan. This is on that same level and I have been gripped by it time and time again! Every episode dives deeper into the minds of 20-year old airmen who are accepting the fact that they won't make it back home. CHILLING! -Criticaldarling (Amazon Music Review)



Great Podcast! - @tbh_48 (Instagram Review)



Incredible story! Great Podcast! 5 out of 5 stars! -Claire Parr (Amazon Music Review)

Worth Your Time!


This podcast is getting better and better every week! The storyline is fantastic and the performance and narration is amazing! I've even made my wife listen and she's a fan! 5 out of 5 stars! @theryanholt (Instagram Review)



Coming across a wwii podcast such as SNAFU is so wonderful. This podcast truly is a wonderful work of art and the men and women it has honored through this work of art would be so proud! -wwiitimetraveler (Instagram Review)

Underated Podcast


Being from the UK, this podcast gets it right! Love the format and production! Good storytelling! -mk_et19 (Instagram Review)

Longer You Listen, The Better It Gets!


I wasn't sure about this podcast at first. I was skeptical of its DIY nature, and lack of big-budget. HOWEVER, I kept listening and by the end of episode 1, I was hooked! This deserves all the attention out there! Also, do yourself a favor and pay the $10 to get the bonus material on Pateron! It's criminal how many people aren't supporting the podcast! And the bonus material is AMAZING! Seriously, do it! -KyleF (Google Podcast Review & $30 Patreon Subscriber)

Listen and You'll See


Mind-Blowing! Seriously, this podcast is amazing! Listen and you'll see what it was like to be in 1944 inside a bomber 25,000 feet above Nazi-Germany! -1940s_lance (Instagram Review)

Worth Every Minute!


Season 1 isn't done yet, but I can't wait until the end to leave my review. It's worth every single minute! Support this podcast! It's truly a work of art! -the_mighty_8thaf_airpark (Instagram Review)

I Loved It!


I listened to the two bonus episodes of season 1....and then listened to the first 4 episodes of season 1....I loved it! I can't wait to listen to more! Amazing job! -Jeff Blitzo (Facebook Review)



I Love It So Far! EVERY MOMENT HAD ME GLUED TO MY SEAT! -Bunnynest (Instagram Review)

5 out of 5 Stars!


I can't believe this isn't the #1 Podcast out right now! This is criminally underrated! -K_tipper (Google Podcast Review)

I'm Shocked!


I gave it a listen, having low-expectations, but by the end of episode 1...I was addicted! I've listened to season 1, 3 times now and it gets better every time I listen! Def recommending! -Abby Tillmen (Facebook Review) 

Can I Give 10 out of 5 Stars?


I came across this while looking up podcast on WWII and I'm blown away by this! First of all, this isn't some Hollywood production and ITS IMPRESSIVE! Characters are detailed, the story is captivating and powerful! Can I give 10 out of 5 stars? -Kevin Bolton (Twitter Review)

I Dig It


I'm new to podcasting and only starting listening to snfu because I love wwii and I was amazed by this. Good stuff! I Dig it! -RWiller (Google Review)

One of my favorites!


I love true crime podcast and I love audio books, this is a perfect blend of the two. The story is natural and compelling! I Love every episode! -Kristen French (Twitter Review)

Nicely Done


I can't believe I just discovered this! I wish I could binge the entire series! -Erik Koth (Google Review)

Just Fantastic!!!


This could seriously be a book! This is by far my favorite Podcast and I await every episode with impatience! The narrator is phenomenal and really pull you into this tory with such detail! He brings out the personality of each character. You really feel like you're there! It's just absolutely fantastic! -RuthDriskell26 (Apple Podcast Review)



This podcast will put you back in time to 1944! I love every episode! -Allen_Beck44 (Google Podcast Review)

Great Podcast!


Great Podcast! Not a history fan, but this is good story telling! -Marshyblush (Apple Podcast Review)

Love it!


I LOVE IT! Its a window to 1944 of what the airmen went through and it keeps on the edge of my seat! -Janus and Stephies (Apple Podcast Review)



This Podcast is incredible. Entirely immersive, from the writing to the voice acting, to the sound effects. It really takes its time telling the stories of these fiction men, in a way that still embodies a reverence for the real men they are based on and all the brave endeavors they undertook in the skies above Europe. I can't believe one person could produce all of this, let alone in a consistent fashion and with such great production value. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to be a fly on the wall of a B-17 during WWII flying treacherous bombing missions over Germany, look no further! A must for every history buff, and anyone who appreciates great storytelling. Keep up the good work! -DCFRL (Apple Podcast Review) 

Great Podcast!


Excellent writing, gripping stories. I feel like I am there! -Tim Rathbone (Facebook Review)



I binged this entire 1st season twice and I simply can't wait for season 2 to start! How is this podcast now the #1 podcast?! Listen, share and review people! -BenJe92 (iHeart Radio Review)